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               About Web Time Solutions, Inc.

In order to satisfy the needs of our clients streamline Labor Management reporting processes, we gain a complete and thorough understanding of the "total picture" before we propose any solution or technology. At
Web Time Solutions, we are fortunate to have a dedicated team of professionals who have invested careers in the successful design, marketing, sales, implementation, and ongoing support of much more than Time and Attendance technology. Our resumes include the successful design and deployment of multiple integrated payroll/Human Resource systems in thousands of installations across the country. Our developers and programmers have created hundreds of custom interfaces over the years to allow our client's software applications to seamlessly communicate with each other.

Today's diverse and complex organizations demand effective communication of labor information from front line employees. Period. This is where the "process" begins. Studies show an effective management tool available to everyone in the organization is the first step in successfully translating of accurate labor hours and dollars to the corporate balance sheet. We are pleased to offer our Web based
eTimesheets solution as the foundation to build that process. Tracking accurate and timely labor information needs to effectively gathered, verified, and sent along to Payroll for processing. Human Resources needs to know what just happened within payroll ( and vice-versa ) Accounting needs to know what just happened from the last payroll processing. Employees and managers also need information, real time, and on time. At Web Time Solutions we are acutely aware of the needs of business' today as we have at one time or another all been involved in every facet of the "process"

eTimesheets was built from the ground up with the latest Internet technologies in mind. Our database design is based upon the latest Microsoft SQL Server 2000 technology and conforms to the latest .NET strategies. In simple terms, Internet ( or Intranet ) access with a standard Web browser is all that is required to effectively communicate labor and expense information. Front line managers can view and approve labor information which is then communicated to payroll for processing. Because our roots are a little deeper than many of our competitors, we look back at the payroll and/or human resource application to provide an easily deployed Employee Self Service portal . On Line Check history, W-2 history, and up to date payroll and Human resource information is available to those authorized to see it, all done real time, at Web speed.

Traditional software licensing as well as an ASP hosted model is available to support
eTimesheets. We have built our technology to serve the needs of every current and prospective client and continue to enhance our product. In many cases, enhancements are the result of client feedback. Our goal is to work with every opportunity to propose, design, implement, and to support YOUR success story. Whether your business model prefers to license technology or to outsource business functions, our staff and management stands ready to work with you achieve your goals of effective data collection.

"What can we do for you today?"