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Timesheet Features

Web based timesheet

1. User-friendly interface.
2. Integration with any Payroll/HR Systems.
3. Tracks leave balances.
4. Rules-based overtime and double-time.
5. Allows comments for each cell entry.
6. Employees can view pay stubs and W2's and make changes to their personal data.
7. Employees can "sign" timesheet for authentication.
8. Employees can print 'hard-copies' of timesheet.
9. Displays company policies when signing timesheet.
10. Up to 10 levels of labor codes.
11. User-specific timesheet frequencies allow weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly timesheets within the same company.
12. All entries are validated against currently authorized charge codes at time of entry .
13. Employees only see charges which they are authorized to use.
14. Multi-level approval process.
15. Users can save time by copying previous timesheet charges into current timesheet.
16. Audit trail of timesheets allows access to previous versions of modified timesheets .
17. Support for DCAA (Defense Contractors Audit Agency) timekeeping regulations.
18. Projects can be assigned individually to project managers and user.
19. Timesheets can be locked.
20. Smart email notification.
21. Simple reports to complex data mining allows you to transform data into business-critical information .